Things That Will Convince You to Visit Japan Next

The holidays are approaching, and everybody is excited because they are taking a break from school or work. I bet you are too! Who wouldn’t want to stay at home and relax? Or better yet, visit and explore new places.

If you want to spend your Christmas vacation in a different country, then you must go see Japan, which is located in Southeast Asia. This country is quite popular because of its cleanliness, very friendly locals, and not to mention the amazing technology that they have.

The following are a few things that should convince you to visit Japan on your next trip out of the country:

Delightful Cuisine

Are you getting tired of the usual type of food that you eat every day? Well, if you go to Japan, you will get to taste their delicious treats. One of their most popular food is sushi, which is loved by many people across the globe. You can head to Tokyo, and expect various types of sushi that would surely satisfy your cravings.

Furthermore, there are also other restaurants that serve different kinds of Japanese food. Try an eat-all-you-can buffet so you can make the most out of it.

Breathtaking Landscapes

If you are an individual who is fond of sightseeing, then you might want to consider joining Japan tour holidays. With this, you can go to Mt. Fuji, which has become an icon, not only in the said destination but also all over the world. After which, you can go to the city in the mountains (Niko), and take pictures of the amazing greenery as well as waterfalls and lakes.

When talking about beautiful sceneries, Japan definitely has a lot to offer. It is highly advisable, though, that you create an organized itinerary so you can visit as many places as you can during your stay.

Vibrant Cities

Japan is not only full of wonderful landscapes but also vibrant cities. The number one on the list is, of course, Tokyo, which is the capital. Here, you will see a lot of tourist attractions, including the famous Disneyland. You will also find historical places, such as temples and shrines.

If you want to experience the energetic nightlife in the city, you can do bar hopping. It would be good if you invite your friends so you will have a good time.


Friendly Locals

At the airport alone, you will be greeted by the locals with a bow. This tells you how friendly and polite they are. Wherever you go, you would feel at home because of the friendliness of the Japanese people.

The Things to Do When Heading to Japan For Holidays

Japan is a country rich with culture and history. Many of us feel tempted to go there and experience this world that is in all ways so different from our own. Some of us even get around to booking an airline ticket and going, but most of us miss what Japan is about while we’re there. This is because we tend to do the things that tourists do when in Japan and not the things that the Japanese do.

If you’ve booked your air ticket and are looking for an authentic experience, check out the┬áJapan travel guide.

These are the things you should do while there:

Visit the Temple of the Golden Pavilion.

This garden-design Zen Buddhist Temple is in Kyoto and goes by names of Kinkaku-Ji and Rokuon-Ji. It’s a three-story building, and the top two stories are covered in pure gold leaf. What makes this place so interesting is that each of the three stories was built in a different architectural style.

Ride the bullet train. Known as the ‘Shinkansen’ to the locals.

trainIts railway lines span an impressive 2 459 km. This is a popular mode of transport in Japan, and after you’ve experienced its top speed of 300km/h, you’ll know why it’s called the bullet train.

Climb the largest mountain in Japan.

It’s called Mount Fuji and is almost 4 000 meters high. It’s not as difficult as it sounds and the locals do it all the time. As long as you have a healthy pair of lungs and legs, you’ll make it to the top. What makes it worth the climb is Fuji’s peak. From here you can see Tokyo which is about a 100 km away.

 Visit the Meguro Parasitological Museum.

This is a museum devoted to parasites. It’s one of a kind, gruesomely graphic and a popular place to go to when on a date in Japan. Here you’ll find over 45 000 immersed and prepared parasite specimens and the world longest tapeworm, which is 8.8 meters long. Also visit the gift shop where you’ll find a cool range of parasite-themed t-shirts, key-rings and birthday cards.

Visit Himeji Castle.

It’s located in Himeji in Hyogo Prefecture. This is a popular destination, even for people living in Japan. It is the best surviving example of ancient Japanese castle architecture. It was built in 1333 and is comprised of a network of 83 buildings.

Visit the Tsukiji Fish market in Tokyo.

Fish marketThis is world’s largest and busiest fish market. It is also one of the largest wholesale food markets in the world. There is food to sample, unique little eating places and if you’re there at 5 am you can watch a live tuna auction. This is where you go if you want a fresh taste of Japan.

Watch a Sumo Wrestling Match.

This is a very popular Japanese pastime. You might feel like giving this one a skip because you’re not keen on watching two overweight men pushing each other around, but you’ll miss a truly authentic experience if you do.

The atmosphere is electric and before you know it you’ll be swept up by the crowd’s enthusiasm, cheering with the best of them.